HOPE: Project Logistics


Refer to bCourses page "Grading Breakdown" for grading details.

Project Groups

  • We recommend that project groups are 2-3 people. Other group sizes may be allowed depending on instructor discretion.
  • We expect all group members to contribute fairly to the project.
  • For any group and project issues, it is always better to reach out to the instructors early. (Please do not hesitate to email us!)

Ideas and Concept

  • Please refer to slides from week 1 and 3 for inspiration and ideas!
  • Pick at least 3 categories to include in your project:
    • Compute:
      Microcontroller, FPGA, discrete computation
    • Power:
      Switching regulator, LDOs, battery management
    • Sensing:
      Digital (e.g. I2C, SPI), resistance, current, voltage, HID
      (ex. a digital accelerometer, or analog temperature sensor that ouputs a voltage etc. HID are human-interface devices like buttons, touchscreens, touch buttons, mics etc.)
    • Actuation:
      Motors, servos, solenoids, lights, screens, sound, radio
    • Other:
      Multiple boards, purposeful mechanical design, analog processing, ...
  • Please ask if you have questions about your project’s scope. Lists are not exhaustive
  • A note on plagiarism: Egregious copying of a schematic and/or layout is not acceptable.
    • One example of egregiously copying would be simply duplicating an open-source KiCad (or other PCB ECAD) project avaliable online and moving/relabeling components.
    • If you are using an online project as inspiration, please include a reference to it.
    • When in doubt, ask the instructors!

Design Reviews

  • Get your design peer reviewed
    • Component choices, schematic readability, layout design, etc.
  • Each project group will get about 5 minutes presenting
    • 2 minutes for questions
  • Obviously incomplete layouts will not be considered
  • Use suggestions and criticisms to improve your project design before final submission
  • A couple of slides to facilitate presentation (optional)

Key Dates and Deadlines

Deliverables are due Fridays 23:59 on bCourses at the following dates:
Note that dates are the same for both Tuesday and Thursday sections

  • 2/23: Groups due
  • 3/3: Proposals due
  • 3/4: Proposal review
  • 3/17 - 3/24: Draft schematic and layout due for review
  • 4/4-4/5: Design review during class (see design review guidelines above)
  • 4/7 Layout Due
  • 4/17 11:59PM PDT: PCB files must be submitted to instructors in order for boards to be made on time.
  • Week 13: Pick-up boards and assemble
  • RRR week: Project presentations